Extreme Line Speed

Our top of the line rod - responsive and agile for a super smooth cast


Intuitive Casting Technology

Strong and fast, this rod will serve you well for years to come!

Taimer XTC Rod & Kit

Engineered to perform against the most demanding fish

The Taimer XTC II simply outperforms, outcasts, and outlasts any other rod at this price!

AllFly Ultimate Plus

Switch from small dries to heavy streamers all in one tube

The 12” extended allows for conversion to a 10’ rod, equaling 4 rods in one tube!



Since introducing the first carbon fiber rod nearly 40 years ago, CD has been at the forefront of rod technology. We use no fiberglass or resin in our rods and the graphite fibers are wound inside the rod, resulting in a light, strong, uniform taper. We stand behind our sticks with a lifetime warranty!

Breaking News!!!! Record Flooding Wreaks Havoc Across Montana

By CD Fishing USA | June 14, 2022
flooding in Red Lodge, Montana

“500-Year Flood” along the Yellowstone River drainage destroys homes, roads, and prompts the closure of Yellowstone National Park On June 13th, videos of the catastrophic flooding event began surfacing across all media platforms. Near Gardiner, the Tom Miner bridge washed away and an onlooker was there to capture the moment. The Absaroka-Beartooth mountains on the border of Montana/Wyoming received the first heavy snowfall of the winter in April. Over the past week, torrential showers coupled with a sudden spike in temperatures accelerated runoff. This created a “perfect storm” in terms of snowmelt along the Yellowstone River, the longest undammed river in the Continental US. Mudslides and water are surging down both flanks of the 944,000-acre Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and all entrances…

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