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Since introducing the first carbon fiber rod nearly 40 years ago, CD has been at the forefront of rod technology. We use no fiberglass or resin in our rods and the graphite fibers are wound inside the rod, resulting in a light, strong, uniform taper. We stand behind our sticks with the best replacement guarantee and our instant streamside warranty...a spare tip with every rod!

Canadian Pike on the Fly: Esox Dreams Become Reality in the Great White North

By CD Fishing USA | May 28, 2020
Pike Dive-Canadian Pike-Pike Flies

Fly fishing is a game of uncertainty, but embarking to a northern Canadian Lake for pike is a pretty safe bet. Destination fly fishing is a crapshoot with the only guarantee being that dollars, effort, and time will be expended. There’s a laundry list of intangibles between boarding a plane and hooking the fish you’ve been dreaming about for months, or years. That being said, about the closest thing to a sure thing is pike fishing in the far reaches of Canada. If You Travel, They Will Come Like any angler that’s done a bit of gallivanting around, I’ve been rained out, blown out and dried out by weather, and worn out by fish that just won’t eat. But, I…

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