TRYCD Allfly Ultimate Plus


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The multi-tool of fly rods is here!!! The ALLFLY ULTIMATE PLUS affords anglers the ability to vary and fine-tune rod action, length, and weight to tackle nearly anything a river, lake, or sea can dish out. From the ALLROD SMALL CASE case comes the option to throw dry flies, nymphs, streamers, or swung flies with one or two hands. Allow us to explain…

Utilizing the same butt-section the ALLFLY ULTIMATE PLUS converts from a 9’ 5/6WT to a 7/8WT via interchangeable, labeled sections. The 12” extender allows for conversion to a 10’ rod. Desire a fighting butt? Screw it into the butt section and go to work. Need a switch rod? Screw the Spey handle in and throw water-loaded or overhead casts with ease. Further, the interchangeable sections can be mixed and matched to tweak the action of the rod. For instance, the 7/8 tip can be added to the 5/6 weight mid butt/mid tip for a little added punch.

The rod case itself is an example of kiwi-ingenuity. The ALLFLY ULTIMATE PLUS tri-folding case utilizes magnets to seal shut and adjustable foam inserts to house and organize the sections and attachments. Designed to be shoulder-slung for hike-in trips, strapped to bike or boat, or placed in the overhead storage bin on a commercial flight, the case allows the rod to easily air dry at the end of the day. Elastic strap ensure the case remains closed for extended travel or bumpy commutes. Further, this rod is a smooth-casting performer that rivals any high-modulus rod on the market. Game changed.

Best we can calculate, the ALLFLY ULTIMATE PLUS amounts to 8 different rods housed in one innovative case. Screw-in Spey handle, fighting butt and elastic case strap included. GO ANYWHERE FISH ANYTHING with the ALLFLY ULTIMATE PLUS!!!