Fly Rod Technology

CD Rods are pure graphite helical rods sourced from the world's most advanced material laboratories


A rod so strong it doesn't require epoxy reinforcement

Composite Developments Rods (CD) utilizes the very best high modulus graphite available to optimize the awesome performance anglers desire.

Since the beginning, CD fly fishing rods have always been 100% graphite (no fiberglass) and resin, and our unique manufacturing process means they are extra strong to withstand the rigors of chasing trout.

  • Built differently from the core
  • High precision workmanship
  • Leading the world in innovative fishing technology
  • Vibration dampening
  • Light and strong to put more energy in your line
Sample of CD Rod Technology

Why it matters: Our process restricts splitting that can often occur in delicate areas and reinforces those areas that come under a lot of stress when casting... and landing that big one!

109 Peery Park-21

Agility, Distance & Precision

Advanced materials mean a lighter casting weight and less wind resistance with greater accuracy - making your fly go further!

Tech talk: Our unique manufacturing process involves specially winding the graphite fibers inside the rods which allows us to build without heavy thread wraps at the ends of each section - creating a lighter and more durable fly rod.

  • Less swing weight = impressive response
  • More aerodynamic and yet more durable
  • Lighter weight for more comfortable casting
  • Power and control in the cast


Hand-crafted, ergonomic, effective - these rods are slick!

Ultra lightweight leaders and tippet demand rods with unique finesse, delicacy and feel, allowing anglers to present flies in demanding waters with easily spooked fish.

  • Exquisitely hand-crafted reel seats
  • Highest quality, ergonomic, and sustainable cork grips
  • More natural presentation on the water
109 Peery Park-16

ICT II - Intuitive Casting Technology

The ICT II is a thicker built blank that responds slightly slower than the XLS II, and is built to withstand an extra knock, etc. (especially from heavy nymphs that strike rods) ensuring your rod a long life!

Composed of 44 M.S.I. uni-directional graphite fibers

Your rod purchase includes...

Free Spare Tip with ICT II Rods

Because sometimes bad things happen - even to good rods!