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Marty Johanson, Owner of CD Rods New Zealand
Marty Johanson, Owner of CD Rods New Zealand

The CD Rods Story

Composite Developments ("CD") New Zealand began back in 1982 with the help of a leading American engineer (and fly fisherman) Richard De Wolf Kantner. Richard also worked on some pretty famous technology called “The Blackbird” after WWII before retiring from this business to start Composite Developments Ltd with Marty Johanson.

Today, we still incorporate a good part of this technology in the fly rods we produce, albeit the materials now are much more technically advanced. The C.D. designs come from many passionate people around the world, including our very own hands-on Kiwi fishos.

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CD Fishing USA

After years of "product testing" CD Rods in the fly fishing waters of North America, it is time to really share our love of these rods with you!

CD Fishing USA is headquartered in Hailey, Idaho - the gateway to the famed trout and steelhead waters of the Northern Rockies - where we "product test" on Silver Creek, the Bigwood River, Salmon River, Big Lost River, pristine alpine lakes...

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CD Rods New Zealand now available in America
Fly Fishing in the Northern Rockies

New Zealand Rod Test Team

  • Tony Alan – West Coast fishing-lodge outfitter/guide throughout the South Island
  • Gerald Telford – Wanaka, South Island
  • Fish-Jet Te Anua – wilderness jet boat outfitter to remote trophy Big Brown Trout
  • Herb Spannagl – fisheries researcher, master angler, innovator, and designer involved with the development of the ICT II and XLS II rod series
  • Marlene Skeets – fish guide and tutor Hawkes Bay, North Island

CD Rods are found around the world; Germany, France, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Scandinavia, and now North America.

We trust that you will enjoy your new rod and that it will provide you the experiences it was built for: to cast the distance, to present the way you want, and to catch fish.

- Cheers Mate! Marty