Smallmouth along the Bronzeback Byway: Chapter 1

A smallmouth river at dawn

The smallmouth bass of the north woods are calling and I must go… Wildfire Refugee I left Missoula in a huff with smallmouth bass on the brain. Lingering smoke and heat had spoiled our precious summer and I’d been out in the elements, guiding clients through the putrid haze. Our ample snowpack was long gone,…

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Fishing Through Sargassum

sargassum seaweed washes ashore

Scientists predict an unprecedented increase in the volume of seaweed washing ashore in 2023. How do we fish through the sargassum? What is Sargassum Seaweed? Sargassum is a naturally occurring brown, macro algae that floats across the ocean in large island-like masses. It originates in the Sargasso Sea, a region of the north Atlantic Ocean…

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The Five Habits of Highly Effective Anglers

A well organized fly angler

This year resolve to become a more effective angler by adopting these five habits 1) ORGANIZATION Adoption of this habit of the highly effective angler is a game changer. There are those guides and anglers who have the “fishiness” covered, but their boats, trucks, and fly boxes are a shambled mess of tackle, spent leaders…

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Covering the Water Column at the Vise

A complete fly selection for covering the water column

Prepping for a streamer fishing mission requires more than mimicking popular patterns. Begin by building a fly selection to cover the water column. The fly tying vise is a billow that stokes the fires of anticipation and excitement. As the embers begin to burn, I’m already covering the water column, envisioning the influence of current…

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Pop and Drop for Summer Smallmouth

We refer to our favorite summertime smallmouth technique as the” Pop-and-Drop.” This deadly tactic pairs a fly rod with a spinning outfit for the freshwater version of bait-and-switch. The premise is to entice smallmouth into action with the disturbance of a popper, then serve up a soft plastic. Summertime is prime time for the pop…

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