Lifetime Warranty

Because sometimes bad things happen - even to good rods!

CD Fly Fishing Rods Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Information

All Composite Developments rods have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing or material defects. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

We have the simplest, fastest warranty in the rod market. In addition to the lifetime warranty, fly rods will carry a 5-year guarantee (from date of purchase) that we will be able to replace any broken part of your rod for $25 plus shipping ($45 in most cases). Simply send us a photo of your broken section and we will send you a replacement. If we can't replace a part, then an equivalent or better replacement rod will be provided for the normal handling fee plus freight.

FREE Spare Tip with Every Rod

CD Rods are built for strength but we know how frustrating it can be to snap a tip out on the water (miles from the nearest fly shop) so we supply a FREE spare tip with every rod purchase.

You'll have it when you need it - on the water!

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