Haku 8′ 3″ 3 PC Travel Rod


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“Haku” is the Maori word for yellowtail kingfish, one of the hardest fighting species on the planet. This is the ultimate big fish weapon! Whether your itinerary includes giant tarpon, goliath GT’s, or wicked tuna, this rod is designed to stop them in their tracks. With a cast weight up to 5 1/2 ounces, you can deploy the big guns and have the stopping power to back them up. At 8’3 it is ideal for both boat and shore based fishing. This 3-piece rod comes in a convenient carry case-ideal for traveling to those big fish destinations. Despite possessing a huge amount of power, the lightweight blank means you can keep casting all day. Ideally matched with a 14000-20000 sized reel with the capacity to absorb the blistering runs of the species this rod is designed to subdue. If your wanderlust includes the pursuit of the hardest fighting fish in the seas, then look no further than the Haku.