Bunny leeches needn’t be hard to cast to attract big fish

In our 17th installment of The February Room, Lauren interviews the highly talented Montana artist and angler, George Hill, who confesses that the venerable bunny leech is one of his go-to patterns. When most of us think bunny leech, we think big, gaudy…even wet sock, but, as George states, small bunny leeches can be just as deadly on big trout and are much more manageable and enjoyable to cast. The fly in the vise is an inch-long conehead bunny tied on a # 6 streamer hook. A few strands of krystal flash and a short rabbit strip comprise the tail and crosscut rabbit, palmered, round out the simple recipe. This little bugger is easy to cast, drops quickly in the water column, and undulates with every strip. Highly effective as a lake leech or a river attractor, tie a selection of baby bunnies in black, white, and olive…and remember to go fishing!