The Big Brown Road Trip: Chapter 3

Green River Trout

Like the famed tailwater below Flaming Gorge, the upper Green is trout fishing in high-definition. You could spot a penny on the river bottom at 20 feet. My first stint in college was at the University of Utah, and the Green River below Flaming Gorge is partially responsible for my sophomore slump. I extended many…

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Big Brown Road Trip: Chapter 2

North Platte River

On the second leg of our springtime adventure, the storm subsides and a fishing window opens up. Can we take advantage on a Wyoming tailwater known to harbor big browns? Wyoming’s North Platte had been on my radar since I’d produced a television show on the river in absentia circa 2010. Hindered by network TV…

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The Big Brown Road Trip: Chapter 1

Bighorn River, MT

Gale-force winds, the meat sweats, and running out of gas; a springtime traverse through the Northern Rockies in search of a two-foot brown trout gets off to a rocky start. As is customary in Montana, my buddy drives like a bat outta’ Hell. Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow can stop the determined outdoorsman from…

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How to Get your Trout Spey On!

How to Trout Spey

Switching it up: What is Trout Spey, How do I do it, and do I Really Want to? I imagine that the Europeans are shaking their heads again? No doubt, the fly fishing industry is repackaging a long-established technique and re-directing it at the North American market. The wheels of the market are greased by…

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