Pop and Drop for Summer Smallmouth

We refer to our favorite summertime smallmouth technique as the” Pop-and-Drop.” This deadly tactic pairs a fly rod with a spinning outfit for the freshwater version of bait-and-switch. The premise is to entice smallmouth into action with the disturbance of a popper, then serve up a soft plastic. Summertime is prime time for the pop…

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Drop the Dropper and Dupe ’em with the Dry

dry fly season in montana

An over-reliance on the dry/dropper rig comes at the cost of the dry fly experience Droppers in the Bedroom Eavesdropping at the boat ramp, I overheard a pair of weathered guides opining on the prevalence of dry/dropper rigs. To the best of my recall, the conversation went something like this: “We have the dry fly…

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Breaking News!!!! Record Flooding Wreaks Havoc Across Montana

flooding in Red Lodge, Montana

“500-Year Flood” along the Yellowstone River drainage destroys homes, roads, and prompts the closure of Yellowstone National Park On June 13th, videos of the catastrophic flooding event began surfacing across all media platforms. Near Gardiner, the Tom Miner bridge washed away and an onlooker was there to capture the moment. The Absaroka-Beartooth mountains on the…

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Travel Essentials; the 5 Items we Never Leave Home Without

travel essentials

Fishing adventures are a crapshoot but most deep piles of doo can be circumvented with a grab bag of handy-dandy items Experience and advice from experts has learned us a thing or two relative to travel essentials. Whether hiking into the backcountry or embarking on a saltwater ramble, we rely upon a mix of household…

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